Temple Erase the competition with the most powerful scripting environment yet.
Realtime Error Checking The Temple UI checks for syntax errors in realtime, allowing Temple to be a suitable IDE for developing scripts.
Advanced Customization Every part of Temple can be customized with a simple theme file.
Lightning Fast Speed Temple boasts instant inject speeds and instant execute, so you can get back to exploiting instead of waiting around.
Custom Functions Temple includes many custom implemented functions to expand your scripting capabilities.
Fully Featured IDE Temple contains the most advanced Lua IDE ever seen, including the best Lua syntax highlighter making Temple suitable for developing scripts.
Forged with Divine Intellect Kronix and Berzerker have spoken with God, temporarily ascending to a higher plane of existence seeking knowledge to create Temple.
Advanced Code Analysis
Temple is equipped with an advanced code analyser to help you script easily
It provides informative tooltips and intellisense suggestions while you are coding!
Powerful Lua IDE
The most advanced Lua IDE ever seen.
  • Realtime Error Checking
  • Theme Support
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • File Explorer
  • Advanced Local Highlighting
  • Informative Code Tooltips
  • Resizable Controls
  • Intellisense
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